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Samsung Gear S4 smart Watch

Samsung Gear S4 smart watch is currently under development, will be released later this year, its internal code is “Galileo”. In May 23rd, Beijing time, Evan Blass, the big God, broke out on twitter a new smart Watch: Samsung’s new Gear S4 smart watch may abandon his own Tizen OS and take Google’s Wear OS. […]

These smart watches can be very good eye openers

When you are tired of the monotonous, heavy and boring quartz watch or mechanical watch, do you want to try the super play method brought by smart watches? Now, smart hand watches and rings are so diverse that they are all kinds of functions, such as heart rate, step, sleep test, telephone message, APP hint, […]

Flagship smart Watch and Mechanical Watch

The flagship smart watch TicWatch Pro uses the design style of mechanical watch, equipped with high pass Wear 2100 processor, built-in Wear OS by Google Chinese version operating system, collocation with AI voice assistant and localization service. At the same time, this watch has built-in NFC chip, can realize the simulation of traffic cards, bank […]

How does a sports watch make people shine

E2, like a lot of products on the market, carries a photoelectric heart rate module. Compared with earlier products on the market, it saves the heart rate that must be matched when monitoring heart rate. It can be monitored directly through the wrist. It has no discomfort when wearing the heart rate, and it also […]

A smart watch you dont need to charge

Always talk to friends about NOKIA, the first reaction of friends is “Lao Tzu was grown up with NOKIA mobile phone”, or “NOKIA shut the door”. But in fact, NOKIA is famous for its mobile phone, but it is far more than a mobile phone. In these years, with “healthy” for Dali, NOKIA health slowly […]

How to clean the surface of the watch

Water molecules, in any case, have an impact on the waterproof aprons of the watch, especially for years of watch, and no waterproof aprons (even the world’s precious watches, all the same), which is normal and ordinary. After each cleaning, try to dry the whole table with a soft dry pad or clean toilet paper […]

The school should say no to the smart Watch

Parents let their children bring smart watches into the campus, mostly for convenience of contact and safety. But the smart watch is popular with children, not only because it has the function of calling and positioning, but also other functions, such as searching the Internet, sending answers, playing games, reading novels, entering Internet websites, etc. […]