Where should we buy children’s watch?

360 children’s watches SE3 Plus straight down to 259 yuan, the function is not inferior. The functions of intelligent voice question answering, photo taking and security positioning are all better than those of the same level products. At the same time, the global mobile communication system, watch and mobile phones, watches and watches can be […]

Smart watch brands appear on the watch show

As the only industry event to focus on the Asia Pacific market, the fourth Asian consumer electronics show returned to Shanghai on 13-15 June 2018. The CES Asia exhibition is full of bright spots, in which GPS, smart wear, electronic products and other fields of intelligent watch brand Garmin with a rich series of products […]

Longines watch is loved by so many people

As a famous Swiss watch brand, Longines watch is loved by Chinese white-collar workers. Longines has both cost performance and popularity. The following big fly chatting table recommends five 10000 yuan super high performance price Longines watches. This Longines watch series watches Longines’s always elegant style, the fine steel made of the shell with the […]

Jia Ming released a flagship smart Watch

The fenix 5 Plus series has three sizes of 42mm, 47mm and 51mm, and corresponds to three models of F Nix 5S Plus, f f 5, 51mm, respectively. The main selling point of this series is still GPS, and the corresponding outdoor sports function. It is reported that the f Nix 5 Plus series supports […]