The swiss smart watch cannot be compared with Apple Watch

Apple repeatedly declared that “Apple Watch is the most personalized device we have ever made.” But the situation is that the Apple Corp and other tech giants that invest heavily in the growth of the smart watch industry may not fully understand what the personalization device might mean – smart watches should focus on how to distinguish them from smartphones.

After many years of demand for the next generation of products, consumers have begun to appear “renewed fatigue”. In this environment, consumers have become very picky, and smart watches are starting to find other reasons to exist in this environment.

Consumers do not want new versions of old products. They want new functions, results and things that will excite them. Consumers basically demand that every generation of innovation can surprise them.

It’s not impossible, but it takes a lot of effort and a lot of effort. Smart watches can be foothold, but they need to learn more tricks before they are treated as small and beautiful gadgets.

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