The school should say no to the smart Watch

Parents let their children bring smart watches into the campus, mostly for convenience of contact and safety. But the smart watch is popular with children, not only because it has the function of calling and positioning, but also other functions, such as searching the Internet, sending answers, playing games, reading novels, entering Internet websites, etc. The problems of smart watches after entering the campus not only interfere with the children themselves, but also affect the teachers’ teaching. To solve these problems, adopting restrictive means has certain effect. But compared to restrictions, the effect of prohibition is better.

Restriction instructions can also be carried, but only if certain conditions are met. The rest of the room will bring risks. For example, the school proposes to restrict some functions of smart watches, but parents and schools may not be able to reach agreement on whether some functions should be restricted. Like the Internet, many parents now think that proper access to the Internet is conducive to widening their knowledge. There are parents who agree to open the Internet to their children. Parents are authorized to give reasonable reasons. How should schools decide? Moreover, even if some functions are restricted, some children will not be excluded from deliberate solutions, so that the effect of restriction will be discounted.

It is forbidden to be much more crisp. On campus, there are many ways to contact children. Smart watches are not the only means to ensure contact. If the child does not have a mobile phone and a smart watch, the teacher has a mobile phone, the office has a seat, and the way of communication is not as single as it used to be. If the parents really have anything, they can find their own children through these ways. In terms of safety, schools now attach great importance to campus safety, equipped with corresponding safety management personnel, and also have many monitoring equipment. To put it another way, in case of any problems, smart watches can not provide additional protection.

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