How to clean the surface of the watch

Water molecules, in any case, have an impact on the waterproof aprons of the watch, especially for years of watch, and no waterproof aprons (even the world’s precious watches, all the same), which is normal and ordinary. After each cleaning, try to dry the whole table with a soft dry pad or clean toilet paper as soon as possible, and dry it out in a cool air vent (without a direct light from the sun), and dry it out.

The spots and panchromatic on the dial should not be wiped with flannelette, and harder to wipe hard, otherwise the copper will be affected by the copper. The grease on the back of the dial can be rubbed with some flannelette. Clean dial should place the dial face up, avoid mixing with other parts, and use dust cover to protect it.

When the dirt on the joint between the watch case and the table glass, the upper part of the case and the rear cover can be brushed by hard hair. The dirt on the frame and the rear cover can be removed with the use of the willow rod. The rust spots can be cureted with fine needles, and the sticky oil in the head tube is still poked with the willow bar. After the clearance, the thread buckle and the handle head should be added with some silicone oil.

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