A smart watch you dont need to charge

Always talk to friends about NOKIA, the first reaction of friends is “Lao Tzu was grown up with NOKIA mobile phone”, or “NOKIA shut the door”. But in fact, NOKIA is famous for its mobile phone, but it is far more than a mobile phone. In these years, with “healthy” for Dali, NOKIA health slowly into our eyes.

In April 2015, NOKIA bought Withings digital health company for $190 million. The company’s most famous series is its smart watch. Recently, we love live network to get NOKIA third smart watches: Nokia Steel HR, according to the official website, compared to the previous generation of Steel added a display and heart rate detection function, is it our demand for smart watches? Let’s have a look.

The technology is playing hooligan, NOKIA mobile phone red fire in those years, can not only rely on technology to support the facade, people are also a variety of face value. To smart watches here, the value of such things can not be.

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