How does a sports watch make people shine

E2, like a lot of products on the market, carries a photoelectric heart rate module. Compared with earlier products on the market, it saves the heart rate that must be matched when monitoring heart rate. It can be monitored directly through the wrist. It has no discomfort when wearing the heart rate, and it also avoids many embarrassing situations and makes running more. It’s more efficient.

Different runners have different needs for running. Some people want to reduce fat by running. Some people want to improve their running ability and pursue faster speed and better performance. In fact, the runners should pay more attention to the change of heart rate compared to the speed of running and the length of exercise, because the heart rate is the best indicator of the physical state and intensity of exercise.

It is different from the light heart rate motion table on the market. The heart rate sensor is selected with PHILPS. The PPG technology can monitor the high frequency photoelectric per second to monitor the human dynamic heart rate in real time and continuously.

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