These smart watches can be very good eye openers

When you are tired of the monotonous, heavy and boring quartz watch or mechanical watch, do you want to try the super play method brought by smart watches? Now, smart hand watches and rings are so diverse that they are all kinds of functions, such as heart rate, step, sleep test, telephone message, APP hint, and so on. If you want to buy a fun smart watch to play at the latest, Dick gives you a list, the hottest in the near future. The door, the most popular smart Watch Bracelet product is here.

The products of millet eco chain are very interesting. The sports watch from Hua Mei is a typical style. Since it is positioned in the sports watch, the appearance of the machine has a very strong movement. The gray black circular dial and the bright strap are very sport. The appearance of zirconia ceramics is not only strong and durable, but also prevents sweat from corrosion. And in the function of the machine support GPS, heart rate monitoring, mobile phone message push, running and walking cross-country running three modes, data analysis and other functions, can be said to be very comprehensive. You can read the phone, WeChat, SMS, weather and other kinds of news and reminders on your handset, and not be afraid to miss important news in sports.

This is also a watch from Hua MI. The positioning of the rice movement series is more youthful and fashionable, and the price of 399 yuan is more close to the people. The machine uses a square dial and a square screen with a screen size of 1.28 inches, covering the 2.5D Corelle gorilla glass 3 representation and AF coating, using a 190 Ma battery for 45 days a week for 20 minutes of running, 10% screen brightness and 100 notifications per day for 45 days, which can be said to be quite durable. It won’t be like a watch that almost needs to be charged every day. Both riding, running and walking can get their own physical data in real time, help themselves to exercise better, and the GPS data function can also display their own track on the map, which looks very high.

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