A fashion smart watch that men and women like to wear

Apple Watch is a kind of screen smart watch, in the industry is also known as the mini version of the mobile phone, that is, the function of the mobile phone is compressed into the watch, some people will feel that it is not necessary and screen type electronic dial, not as good as the traditional watch dial, with vitality and scene type, so that it is not enough to let the user in any Wear the occasion.

And more and more intelligent today, users do need some such technology and intelligent products, can we find a smart watch that combines technology and traditional watches, the answer is possible, that is, the D1 smart watch that we want to say today with a pointer!

D1 smart watch is a smart watch with a pointer appearance, which integrates the intelligent inner core into the classic appearance, the simple round dial, the classic three pointer modeling, the return of the watch nature, and the unique appearance of the light sensitive processing, which brings a strong visual impact. This return to the classic and the pursuit of light and dynamic design, the proper layout of the interface, the classic black and white color matching, regardless of men and women, can let everyone better wear, wear.

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