Flagship smart Watch and Mechanical Watch

The flagship smart watch TicWatch Pro uses the design style of mechanical watch, equipped with high pass Wear 2100 processor, built-in Wear OS by Google Chinese version operating system, collocation with AI voice assistant and localization service. At the same time, this watch has built-in NFC chip, can realize the simulation of traffic cards, bank cards and other functions, can realize the quick payment of WeChat and Alipay, the future will increase support VISA payment.

In the intellectualized aspect, TicWatch Pro can realize the conventional functions such as intelligent reminder, call and so on. At the same time, it also supports the intelligent home of IoT and the linkage of intelligent car. It can use watch to control the intelligent home hardware under the cooperative ecology, and realize the function of finding the vehicle.

In addition, the TicWatch Pro series also supports the NetEase cloud music special custom version of the APP, which can be directly connected to the online and offline music by connecting the Bluetooth headset, and can synchronize the listings with the user’s NetEase cloud music account. This watch also has the function of health management, which can monitor the movement data of users.

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